Florence Jane Leon first appears in Dead is the New Black, as a buff woman in her mid-twenties, with some serious tattoos. The only person who ever calls her Florence is her brother, most people call her Flo. She works as a waitress at Slim's Diner, the restaurant that her brother, Griffin, owns. She never went to college, as her parents died at some point in the past, and she made the decision to stay with her brother in Nightshade. In Dead Is So Last Year, Florence begins dating the drummer of the popular Nightshade band 'Side Effects May Vary', Vinnie Leon. In Dead Is A Killer Tune, Florence marries Vinnie. It is also revealed in Dead Is not an Option that Florence is a Virago, which is a warrior woman whose powers are only activated when the city she protects is in danger. Through the books about Jessica Walsh, Florence plays a more central role as the head Virago. Even the author of the books, Marlene Perez, does not know the maiden last name of this character.