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Daisy Giordano is the main character in the first five novels.

Personality Edit

Daisy is sweet and kind she always protecting her friends and Ryan (if he's not protecting her at the time). She sticks up for what she believes in and wont stop whatever she has started. Her friends call her a trouble magnet since trouble always seems to be coming her way no matter where she is at. She warm hearted and kind , but will say something when gone wrong. She is 17 years old. She has two sisters named Poppy and Rose. Daisy is an aspiring chef, and by the third book, she has job at Slim's Diner, a popular hangout for the residents of Nightshade.

Relationships Edit

Ryan Mendez:

is Daisy boyfriend/best friend. They've known each other since they were little Daisy never thought she could be Ryan Mendez girlfriend since he could have any girl in school he wanted but chose her they are really close in less someone has gotten between them or the one of them lies to the other. He would never do anything to hurt her and protects her a lot since he's a werewolf.

Samantha Devereuax:

Samantha and Daisy are best friends (except in six grade when Samantha did something to hurt Daisy feeling but at the end of Dead is the New Black they become best friends again.) There always together and stick up for one another a lot, no matter what happens between them. They have a special kinda bond and Sam is always pushing Daisy to go shopping, and trying on clothes to get things off her mind (like missions, relationship troubles, and secrets of Nightshade.)

Family Edit

  • Grandma Giordano (paternal grandmother)
  • Professor Giordano (father)
  • Mrs. Giordano (mother)
  • Rose Giordano (older sister)
  • Poppy Giordano (older sister)